Everyone would probably love to be able to work at home. Not everyone can however due to a lot of different reasons. The ones that do get the opportunity begin to realize that it’s not as easy as they thought it was going to be. In order to be successful at a work at home job you need to have a lot of self discipline and that can be hard. This is especially true if you happen to have children still living at home. You can however make things a little easier on yourself if you make sure to assign your kids some chores that they should do around the house. If they don’t do them now, it’s a good idea to get them started on them. They are not going to like it but this is important and they need to realize how important it is for them, for you and for keeping the family running smoothly. Here are some pointers on how to assign chores to your kids.

You need to make sure that the chore is appropriate for the age of the child. Beginning with 2 and 3 year old children. And yes, they can be taught chores at this early of an age. Teach them to pick up their toys and put them in their toy box. They can also be taught to help feed the family dog or cat.

For children that are 4 to 5 years old they can pick up their toys, help feed the family pet, begin cleaning their room, take their dirty clothes to the laundry room, load the dishwasher and even help dust by letting them use an old sock on their hand.

For children that are 6 and 7 years old they can do all the above listed types of chores and they can also be assigned things like cleaning off the table after dinner, folding towels, folding their clothes and putting them away. They can take the trash out and they can also learn how to vacuum.

For the kids that are 9 to 12 years they should already be able to do all of the above and the following things can also be assigned to them. They should be able to wash dishes, rake leaves, help with the meals, cleaning up messes. All of these things or some can be assigned to this kids and they should have no difficulties performing any of them.

Once they become teens, as much as they will hate it, it’s part of life and they should be assigned chores that you would normally be doing. They should be assigned to clean the bathroom, wash the car, wash the clothes, fix meals, clean windows, you name it, they are old enough to do everything that you do around the house and don’t be afraid to assign them any of the things mentioned.

Make sure however; when it comes to the time of assigning them chores that you show them how to do what you want them to do before letting them do it on their own. This will probably ring true for any age group, but especially for the younger children.

Make sure that when you do assign chores that you take into consideration their own schedules. School, homework, play time, sports, naps, simple down time, etc. Remember, even though they must need to learn these responsibilities they also need to be allowed to be kids too.

Don’t look for perfection in anything they do, but when they do something good make sure that you acknowledge it so you can let them know you are proud of them. Tell them how much this helps you and lets you be able to get your work done for your home business and how it gives you more time to be able to spend with them.

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